Charm of our Farm

Pottery Express and Bamboo Farm provides a shopping experience like no other. Tropical clumping bamboo is grown and sold here. The 8-acre property is landscaped with over 20 varieties of bamboo to provide inspiration and show what the bamboo will look like at maturity. If your desire is to create your own backyard oasis, improve the curb appeal of your home, or looking for something new to do as a “day trip,” then this is the place for you.

Walking paths meander through the grounds filled with beautiful sights and sounds. We also have courtesy golf carts to explore the massive inventory of pottery (over 60,000 items). The pottery comes from Vietnam, Mexico, Spain, Colombia and even some local hand thrown pottery. We have personal relationships with the families that hand craft the gorgeous fountains, planters, and figurines with artistic processes that have been passed down for generations. Our prices are reasonable since we buy many containers and pass those savings on to you. 

In keeping with the garden theme, we also carry items made in our USA like windchimes, garden flags, Case knives, and doTERRA plant derived essential oils.  

Even if you have been here before, come back to see the changes; we are constantly looking for new products and creating new idea gardens to keep it interesting. Twice a year, we have special days with live music and food. Be sure to sign up for the emails that announce those dates at the help desk.

Take a drive to Punta Gorda to get bigger selection, lower prices, and a beautiful destination to enjoy. We would be honored by your visit (even if you do not need any plants or pottery) to share our piece of paradise with you and your family, including your leashed dog. We are a little out of the way, but that is the charm of the farm. No traffic, no pavement, just peaceful surroundings and friendly staff.